Podcast Interviews 

Our therapists are passionate about helping others improve relationships, and advocating for mental health care. We strive to share our knowledge and experiences with others through any means possible, including Podcast interviews. We hope that you find the information shared useful in helping you to better understand yourself and others in your interpersonal relationships.If anything in one our podcast interviews resonates with you, or you wish to speak about psychotherapy, please contact the practice at (646) 951-3692 or send an email to info@relationshipcounselingnyc.com.  


We believe help and care for mental health and relationships extends far beyond the therapy room. Our clinicians write articles or give interviews to make our knowledge accessible to everyone interested in learning more about themselves and others in their lives. We also maintain social media pages, including Instagram and Facebook, for the practice where you can find even more mental health and relationship content. 


Articles and Podcasts​

Three Phrases Your Partner Needs To Hear As Much As 'I Love You'

Published by GoodTherapy.org 

Article Written by Meredith Shirey, MS, LMFT

What To Do If You're Being Gaslighted

Financially Ever After Podcast

Hosted by Stacy Francis


Relationship Counseling

Marriage and Family Therapy is a large area of focus and represents the majority of the clients seen at the practice, though this extends far beyond the setting of couples and families. We also treat individuals who find themselves having difficulties in interpersonal relationships. This often includes difficulties in dating, and relationships with friends, family members, or coworkers. 

Mental Health CoUNSELING 

In addition to purely relationally-based issues Manhattan Relationship Counseling and Psychotherapy also treats mental health concerns using a variety of evidence-based practices tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Our clinicians are highly skilled in treating an array of issues including (but not limited to) Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic events and PTSD, Substance abuse and other addictive behaviors, Bereavement and loss, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Conduct and Oppositional Disorder, and other childhood-related disorder. 


This practice specializes in the systemic treatment of couples and families through psychotherapy. We couples and families in all forms, including married couples, couples who are dating, cohabitating, or interested in premarital counseling. Many clinicians have specialized training in treating populations such as LGBT couples, non-monogamous, and separated or divorcing couples. We understand that families come in many forms. Our clinicians are experienced in working nuclear as well as blended families, in addition we have experience in working with families going through grief and loss, separation or divorce, adjustment to coparenting and other transitions; substance abuse, domestic/intimate partner violence, and other issues. 


We understand that circumstances sometimes require alternative forms of treatment. Our clinicians are able to offer psychotherapy services via Telehealth to individuals, couples, and families who maintain a residence in states where our clinicians are licensed.