Your Mental Health Matters, Now More Than Ever 

We understand that during this period we are all experiencing increased anxiety and frustration. As new restrictions and guidelines instruct us to take extreme measures including social distancing and "sheltering in place," it is more that normal to feel fearful, anxious, frustrated, or isolated (among a litany of other emotions) and this can be very distressing. As a practice we value your health and safety, both physically and mentally, above all else. We are committed to continuing to serve and offer our support during these uncertain times. You are not alone, we are here with you and will continue to offer sessions via Telehealth throughout this pandemic. 

Should I Just Wait Until The Pandemic Ends to Begin or Continue Psychotherapy?

Telehealth sessions are an excellent way to begin or continue treatment and have been shown to have similar efficacy to in-person sessions. We use only HIPAA compliant platforms to ensure that your confidentiality will be protected, just as it is when you are in our offices. 

We understand that making the transition to video sessions when you are accustomed to meeting your therapist in person may be challenging. However, we strongly believe you should continue treatment until the restrictions are lifted and we are able to resume in-person treatment. 

While we do believe the Coronavirus will eventually be contained and the restrictions lifted, we have no idea when this will happen. This could potentially mean having long periods without treatment, which is detrimental to maintaining positive changes made through psychotherapy. Telehealth is an excellent way to gain support for coping through the relationship with your therapist, as well as to maintain social connection. Telehealth sessions are also an excellent option for addressing issues such as: 
Feeling isolated or disconnected from others during periods of social distancing 

  • Relationship strain created by extended periods of close contact with your romantic partner and/or family members. Telehealth sessions are excellent for couples and families in creating boundaries and structure.  
  • Anxiety and depression that may begin or become exacerbated by the extended periods of social distancing  
  • Frustration, fear, loss of control, and anger that may result from all of the unknown factors and frequently changing restrictions 
  • Loss, sadness, or disappointment from being forced to cancel events or restricted from seeing loved ones
  • Stress related to financial or economic strain 

Stay Connected Through Our Online Community 

We are all in this together. We believe connection through community matters, and that we can finds ways to create and maintain connection even while practicing "social distancing." We want to support you and help you connect to others during this difficult time and will be using social media to live-stream conversations with other experts on how to cope during the pandemic, as well as answering questions. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to join our online community and to stay up-to-date on recommendations for coping as the COVID-19 containment efforts and restrictions continue to develop. 

special information regarding covid-19 and telehealth services

All of our clinicians are fully vaccinated and able to see clients in-office for those interested, as well as continued Telehealth sessions. We encourage clients to utilize the setting (or combination of settings) that best matches their level of comfort. Click here to request more information or a consultation.