Using Out-of-Network Benefits for Individual Psychotherapy

While we do not participate as in-network providers, we do welcome clients to utilize the out of network benefits that may be included as part of their medical insurance coverage.  Using out of network benefits may help to offset the cost of psychotherapy. We encourage you to please check with your insurer to verify your specific plan's out of network coverage. We are happy to assist in providing the documents required by most insurers to receive reimbursement. For more information on utilizing out of network benefits, please contact the practice. 

Important Information Regarding Health Insurance  

When considering whether or not to utilize insurance benefits to cover the cost of sessions, please consider the following:

  • Insurance companies will require the clinician to give you a psychiatric diagnosis in order to reimburse for services. This diagnosis is part of your permanent medical record, and anyone who is given authorization to see your medical records can access this information. 
  • Your insurance company may request session records or a treatment plan at any time in order to evaluate the necessity of services (meaning, deciding if they want to pay for your sessions).
  • Couple Psychotherapy is not covered by health insurance. In an effort to maintain the highest standard of ethics, the practice maintains a policy of not accepting insurance for couples work or billing under the procedure code for family therapy when working with clients in the context of couples therapy. When working with couples, we are treating your relationship and therefore cannot appropriately diagnose individual traits, which is required of all health insurance policies. Health Insurers will only issue reimbursement for individualized psychiatric diagnostic codes, not for the relational codes which more accurately account for relationship (rather than individual) dysfunction.

We understand that insurance benefit coordination can be quite confusing and will do our best to answer any questions you may have. If you would like more information or have questions regarding the use of health insurance, please call the practice at (646) 951-3692 or complete the New Client Inquiry Form by clicking below and a representative of the practice will reach out to you for follow up.