Haley Selarnick, MS, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Certified Prepare and Enrich Facilitator 

What is the Prepare Enrich Relationship Check Up? 

The Prepare Enrich Relationship Check Up is an assessment and strategy designed for couples interested in understanding their relationship and how to improve it. By assessing each person's individual values and needs in the relationship. The program has been proved highly effective in helping couples to improve their relationship satisfaction and thereby greatly decreases the chance for a couple to separate or divorce. With over 35 years of research validating its efficacy, this program has received international recognition and has been used by over four million couples and translated into twelve languages. 

​How is the Prepare Enrich approach different from other forms of couple therapy?

Compared to traditional couple therapy, the Prepare Enrich approach has been shown to reduce a couple's risk of divorce by 30%. The Prepare Enrich Relationship Check Up offers a more structured approach to premarital counseling than does traditional couples work. It also includes a detailed assessment that is completed by each partner, which allows the Certified Facilitator to know where to focus sessions to ensure that the couple is gaining skills that are tailored to the unique needs and stressors of their relationship. To learn more about the Prepare Enrich approach to premarital counseling, please contact Haley Selarnick or visit the Prepare Enrich website.  

What is included in the Prepare Enrich Relationship Check Up? 

Online Assessment: Each partner completes an online assessment that includes questions aimed at better understanding each person's background and values, needs in the relationship, and other factors that impact relationship satisfaction. From these assessments the Certified Facilitator will create a detailed report for the couple that will guide the focus of premarital sessions. This personalized approach ensures that both partners' needs and values are given equal consideration, and that the discussions and skills taught during sessions are based on the unique needs of each couple.

Workbooks: Each couple receives workbooks as a tool for reinforcing skills gained during sessions, as well as a guide for future use as the relationship evolves over time. The Certified Facilitator will guide each couple through the exercises and discussions that will be most helpful in safe-guarding their relationship. 

Certificate of Completion: Each couple will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Prepare Enrich program. For couples required to complete pre-marital counseling by their religious institution, this can be used to satisfy the requirement. Prepare Enrich offers adaptations for couples of many faith backgrounds, including Judaism and Catholicism. 

Certified Facilitator: The Prepare Enrich approach is offered by Haley Selarnick, a Marriage & Family Therapist who has also completed additional training to become certified by Prepare-Enrich, LLC as a Facilitator. Haley is able to certify that couples have completed the program to fulfill any requirements for premarital counseling by a religious institution. 

How much does Prepare-Enrich cost? 

The Prepare-Enrich approach can be added to any form of couple therapy for a one-time fee of $100. This includes the relationship assessment, workbooks, guidance of a certified facilitator, and certificate of completion that can be used to satisfy the premarital counseling prerequisite required by many religious institutions. 


Benefits of Premarital counseling 

By engaging in premarital counseling, couples gain insight into potential issues before they become deal-breakers. Do you know your partner's stance on having children? Will either of you be changing your name? Where will you spend holidays? Do you have a plan for financial responsibilities, including retirement? These topics can often be overlooked in the beginning of a relationship but have the potential to create detrimental issues in your relationship. Through premarital counseling we will work to give you and your partner skills to discuss these issues before they become problematic

Many studies suggest that engaging in premarital counseling greatly reduces your risk of getting a divorce. The current statistics suggest that about 50% of first marriages end in divorce, but utilizing premarital counseling reduces that risk to about 20%!

Not only will you have insight into potential martial pitfalls, be more likely to stay in the marriage, you will also be more likely to find your marriage more enjoyable! You will learn valuable skills that will help you to maintain your strong bond with your partner. 

It's more cost-effective than divorce. The average estimated cost of a divorce in the US ranges between $15,000-30,000. Beyond the obvious financial costs of a divorce (legal fees, property division, alimony, child support, the list goes on), they are also extremely emotionally taxing. Divorce is traumatizing not only for the two persons going through it, but also for their children and extended families. Children of divorce parents are more likely to have behavioral issues, fear abandonment, have self-esteem issues, and are more likely to go through a divorce themselves.  

Premarital Counseling for Couples ​