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Is Individual Psychotherapy right for you?

Individual Psychotherapy is an excellent option for treating a range of issues related to mental health and other stressors. Traditional talk therapy involves meeting one-on-one with a mental health professional who will work collaboratively with you to address your concerns. Unlike working with other medical professionals, talk therapy asks you to take a more active role in your treatment and is less prescriptive in nature. 

The relationship you have with your therapist matters. Almost all research in this area supports the idea that successful outcomes in psychotherapy are predicated on the relationship that the client has with their therapist. This means that in order to gain the maximum benefits from treatment, it is imperative to feel safe and trusting with your therapist. While in many ways the therapeutic relationship is quite different than other interpersonal relationships, there are many parallels including the importance of trust, empathy, sincerity, and warmth from the therapist. It is also important to find a therapist who is trained to treat your specific concerns. Consider the following questions below when looking for a therapist: 

  • What are my concerns? Can they be addressed through psychotherapy?
  • What is the therapist's areas of specialty? 
  • What are the therapist's credentials? 
  • Does the gender of the therapist matter to me? How important is this factor in choosing a therapist? 
  • What are the costs associated with individual psychotherapy? Does this therapist accept my insurance, and if not, what will I be charged per session?