Costs of Couples Therapy and Treatment Recommendations

When starting couples therapy, we recommend meeting on a weekly basis for the first two to four months, then tapering off as issues become more manageable and the relationship improves. We also recommend meeting for a longer session at the start of treatment (90 minute sessions are ideal). In the beginning of treatment we make an effort to gain a thorough understanding of what each partner brings to the couple dynamic (family history, individual pathology, etc.), as well as a history of your relationship, and current issues effecting the relationship. Sometimes it makes sense to do this through fewer, longer sessions rather than more frequent, shorter sessions. As treatment progresses, we recommend shorter sessions and less frequent visits. 

  • 60 Minute Couples Therapy Session : $200.00
  • 90 Minute Couples Therapy Session: $300.00

To schedule and appointment for Couples Therapy

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What is Couples Therapy?

The overall goal of Couples Therapy is the build and strengthen the connection between you and your partner, which often includes resolving issues from the past, creating better and more effective means of communicating, and learning to better manage and resolve conflict. Couples therapy can also be helpful in clarifying feelings about your relationship with your partner in a constructive way. This form of therapy is not just for those who are married. Couples counseling can be useful for anyone who considers themselves to be in a committed relationship, whether you and your significant other are dating, married, in a domestic partnership, or even separated. You and your partner will work with a specially trained therapist to gain insight into what each of you bring individually to the couple dynamic, while also learning new ways of communicating, managing conflict, and ultimately building a deeper connection. 


Is Couples Therapy right for what my partner and I are going through?

Are you feeling disconnected from your partner? Do you feel like you keep having the same argument over and over? Has there been infidelity in the relationship? Do you feel that you are satisfied in your relationship, but to strengthen your relationship? Feeling ambivalent about staying in your relationship? These are common reasons for people to seek couples counseling. Sometimes when feeling stuck and unsure how to proceed in your relationship, it can be useful to seek the help of a trained professional. 


What can I expect during therapy?

You and your partner will meet with trained couples therapist. You will discuss the course of treatment that works best for you, including how often you would like to have sessions. (It is recommended that you and your partner have one session per week.) Your therapist will gather information about you and your partner's families of origin, the course of your relationship, and what you hope to gain from therapy. Throughout treatment you may be asked to complete tasks or "homework assignments" to help reinforce what you and your partner are working on during sessions. There is not a set number of sessions recommended for any one couple, some people feel that their goals for therapy can be met in a few sessions, while others may continue to participate in therapy for months or years. Whenever you feel that you and your partner feel that your goals have been met, we will discuss terminating therapy.