Behavior Modification and Parenting Training

Behavioral issues in children and teenagers can be incredibly frustrating. Trying to find ways to effectively parent can be draining not only for the individual, but can also put strain on other relationships. 

Common behavioral issues addressed include:

  • School truancy
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Temper tantrums
  • Defiance

As children change with age, so must parenting strategies. Sometimes finding new ways to parent or co-parent effectively can be difficult. We sometimes find that we have very different ideas about how to parent than our partner, which can cause great distress not only in parenting but also in the relationship. Working with a professional may be helpful in working through differences in parenting styles, learning to co-parent with your partner, and ultimately work to effectively modify your child's behaviors. 

Do you have a teenager who acts out, has truancy issues, and or is resistant to engaging in family therapy sessions? In home therapy may be a better option in working to improve your child's behavior's. This option will allow me to meet your child in their home environment, and will allow me to be more creative in my approaches to helping your child engage in therapy.