Meredith is the Founder and Practice Director. She is licensed in New York and Tennessee as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and is a Clinical Fellow member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. As a Topic Expert for, Meredith is recognized as an expert in coupe and relational issues and has been featured on several popular podcasts. She has been interviewed by many online media sources including Elite Daily, Bravo TV, Bustle, Romper, and Thought Catalog for her thoughts on issues such as addressing infidelity, recognizing emotional abuse, and facilitating more effective communication between romantic partners and family members. She specializes in emotionally-focused couples therapy and insight-oriented individual treatment. Her approach includes a combination of attachment-based theories including Emotionally-Focused Therapy, and has extensive training from The Gottman Institute. For links to more articles, click here. 

Rebecca Brown


Rebecca is a graduate of Iona College's M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy program receiving clinical training in the practice of individual, couple and family psychotherapy. She holds Bachelor’s Degrees in both Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, as well as a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Rebecca works from a systemic lens of therapy, based on the belief that individuals cannot be fully understood in isolation and so, must be viewed as part of their family, relationships, and other groups of which they hold membership. Rebecca utilizes the strengths and tools individuals, couples and families bring to therapy to help elicit a natural and lasting positive change. Her approach to therapy is to create a collaborative, warm and non-judgmental space by utilizing her authentic and genuine self so clients can feel comfortable bringing forth their most vulnerable selves. Rebecca seeks to identify and disrupt negative behavioral patterns as well as work through emotional wounds that serve as barriers to clients' happiness.   



Areas of Specialty: Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, Attachment-based

and Insight-oriented Individual Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision 

"My approach to treating clients is to convey warmth and acceptance, while also being direct. I believe in balancing insight and behavioral change- meaning that I find the best outcomes in therapy come from a combination of helping clients learn about the origins of their issues, while also giving them tools to enact change in their present lives. Though I offer therapy in a variety of forms including individual, couple, and family; all of my work has a common theme of improving interpersonal relationships. I believe that as social beings, we are always confronted with interpersonal interactions, which can sometimes become distressing. Whether it be a spouse, intimate partner, family member, friend, child, or co-worker, we all encounter relationships that can be a source of enjoyment as well as stress. For this reason, I typically use a variety of therapeutic techniques that pull from relationally-based theories of psychotherapy." ​​

Lauren Ares, MA, LMFT


Areas of Specialty: Relationally-focused Individual Therapy,

Autism Spectrum Disorders, Couple and Family Therapy

Lauren holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fairfield University and graduated from the training program for Ecosystemic Family Therapy (ESFT) at the Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center. Her past clinical experience includes working with inividuals, couples and families in a wide range of settings and demographics. Lauren likes to focus on the strenghts of the individual, couple or family and help bring out the tools that are already present in each one of us. Focusing on the techniques developed at the training center, she uses a blend of structural and strategic theraputic approches as well as attachment theory. She operates in a manner with her clients that she creates a collaborative effort and helps the client see the pattern and how they can address this in the most effective manner. She has experience with premarital, married, blended and divorced couples. Lauren also has experience working with Austism Spectrum Disorders in the family context and how a parent/couple can manage the obstacles that can come along. ​

New to Our Team

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Driola Dega, MS, LMFT

Emily Shapiro, MFT Intern/Intake Coordinator 

Alison Machabee, MFT Intern/Intake Coordinator 


"Couple therapy can be hard to start and pursue. Unlike individual therapy, you no longer rely on the full support of the therapist in everything you think and say, but you rather learn to appreciate the affect of your words and deeds on the dynamics with your partner. Meredith does a great job of validating individual feelings on both sides and helping to find a common ground for the partnership. She offers useful tools for communication improvement and conflict de-escalation. Meredith works almost like an interpreter for two people speaking different life languages while teaching them the language of the other." - Couples Therapy Client

"She is very responsive, gets back to you immediately or within a reasonable time. She has a very warm presence. I felt immediately calmed after speaking with her. She was very helpful with helping me resolve my issues, and feel confident enough to take action in my life. I would recommend her to anyone!" - Individual Therapy Client 

"Going to see a therapist is probably the best thing my husband and I could have done for our marriage. She helped us to reconnect in a way that we could have never found on our own. Marriage is hard work, but she made it easier for us to communicate at home. I would recommend Meredith to anyone." - Couples Therapy Client
"I want to sincerely thank you for your all your compassion, help and advice as well as you going above and beyond to let me know I was not alone. I can't tell you how important that was and the profound effect it had on me that day and every day since. I want to let you know how valuable our sessions have been to me and how greatly I look forward to them, as difficult as they may have been.  They were incredibly cathartic and left me inspired and full of hope for a better day."

Individual Therapy Client 

 "We can’t thank you enough for all of your support and help this past year.  You truly made a positive, and hopefully lasting, impact on our relationship."

-Couples Therapy Client